New York Collection Attorney Handling New York collection matters against New York State business and individual debtors.

Do you need a New York Collection Attorney?

The process of a Collection Law practice commences when a claim is placed with Goldman Horowitz & Cherno, LLP. A fee arrangement is agreed upon, and may include an hourly fee, a contingent fee, or a hybrid combination of a retainer or non-contingent suit fee and a partial hourly fee. The flexibility of fee arrangements is designed to accommodate the needs of many different clients.

After Demands for payment are sent to the Debtors, an investigation is commenced to determine who or what the correct name is of the liable party, whether it be an individual, corporation, or another form of limited liability entity. Once that is established, and after contact is made with the Debtor, and if payment arrangements cannot be accomplished with the Debtor voluntarily, a law suit is usually recommended.

If clients follow my recommendation and commence suit, I choose the proper venue and commence suit.

New York Collection

Sometimes a default judgment is obtained, and sometimes an Answer to the law suit is filed. If there is an Answer, the litigation process continues until the matter is resolved, either by a settlement agreement or after a trial on the merits.

Once a Money Judgment is obtained, either as a result of a Default Judgment or a Judgment after Trial, the procedures of New York law are then used to locate assets. In New York it is called the Enforcement of a Judgment, and some of the relevant procedures are found in the Civil Practice Law and Rules, known as the CPLR, in Article 52, entitled Enforcement of Money Judgments. We use such methods as the issuance of Restraining Notices to Banks, the issuance of Executions to Sheriffs and Marshals, serving Subpoenas on Banks, Employers, Insurance Companies, and upon either individual Judgment Debtors or the principals of corporate Judgment Debtors. These steps are in addition to any available online investigations we are able to undertake on our client’s behalf, all in an effort to locate assets and attempt to put pressure on the Judgment Debtor to resolve their outstanding debts to our clients.

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We have represented clients in all of the following types of cases:

  • Contract disputes
  • Disputes resulting from real estate transactions
  • Collecting debts owed under Promissory Notes, Loan Agreements, Sales of Goods and Services Rendered
  • Post judgment enforcement, including investigations to locate assets
  • Subpoenas of witnesses, debtors, and related parties
  • Collections of fees for physicians, dentists, law firms, architects, and other professionals
  • Fraudulent conveyance actions against corporations and individuals
  • Lawsuits to “pierce the corporate veil” to obtain judgments against individuals who treated the corporation as their own “alter ego” such that the law may hold the individuals liable for corporate debts
  • Representing creditors in bankruptcy cases by commencing adversary proceedings to prevent the discharge of debts
  • Copyright infringement lawsuits to recover statutory and actual damages
  • Construction Litigation
  • Landlord Tenant eviction proceedings
  • Collection of balances owned by former tenants
  • Defending clients in most types of civil actions
  • Trials, depositions, and arbitration proceedings in all New York state & federal courts
  • Traffic infractions and Misdemeanor Criminal cases

New York Collection for Out-of-State Commercial Clients

Since my admission to the Bar of the State of New York in 1977 and California in 1979, I have engaged in a wide array of litigation matters, emphasizing Commercial and Collection cases.

New York Collection Practice

In the Collection realm, I am a Partner of Goldman Horowitz & Cherno, LLP, a law firm that has been engaged in the practice of Collections Law and Creditor’s Rights since 1930. Goldman Horowitz & Cherno, LLP was one of the first firms in Nassau County to emphasize Collections Law and Creditor’s Rights, and remains a premier law firm providing such services.

The firm represents large corporations, including manufacturers, common carriers and shippers, insurance companies, title insurance companies, publishers, and professionals such as physicians, dentists, architects, and attorneys.

Collections of Out-of-State and Foreign Judgments:

My practice often involves suing New York entities on behalf of out-of-state companies. Sometimes that involves collecting out-of-state and foreign judgments on my clients’ behalf. If a judgment was obtained in another state by a lawsuit, then that judgment can simply be docketed in the State of New York and enforced as if it were a judgment of the State of New York. However, if the judgment from the other state was obtained on a default, then that judgment has to be sued on again here in New York.

Foreign judgments may require an Apostille of the judgment in order to collect. An Apostille is a formal document issued by a foreign government to authenticate documents. My firm has experience with this type of foreign judgment, and can help you collect on your judgment, whether it’s based overseas, in another state, or in the state of New York.

About Steven D. Greif, New York Collection Attorney

Steven D. Greif is a Partner of Goldman Horowitz & Cherno, LLP.

Steven D. Greif graduated from Tufts University in 1973, and from Boston University School of Law in 1976.  He was admitted to the New York Bar on March 3, 1977; and admitted to the California Bar on May 31, 1979.  Mr. Greif is admitted to practice in the United States District Courts for the Eastern District and the Southern District of New York.

Mr. Greif has represented clients in hundreds of depositions, trials, arbitration hearings, and criminal hearings in Federal and State Courts throughout the Boroughs of the City of New York, and in Nassau County and Suffolk County. He has also conducted thousands of Arbitration Hearings and rendered thousands of decisions in No Fault cases under the auspices of the American Arbitration Association.

In addition to the emphasis on Commercial Litigation and Collections law, Steven D. Greif’s practice has also included substantial involvement in such matters as Copyright infringement litigation, Landlord-Tenant cases, Personal Injury cases, Matrimonial Law and Family Court matters, Bankruptcy Court filings and Adversary Proceedings, Real Estate transactions and litigation, and Title Insurance litigation.

New York Collection Attorney

Mr. Greif has lectured before the Nassau County Academy of Law and the National Business Institute on Collections Law and Commercial Litigation. For fifteen (15) years, Steven D. Greif has served as an Arbitrator in the Small Claims Court of the District Court of Nassau County approximately once each month.